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Pay with equity.

Bountyhunter is a marketplace where founders can choose between hundreds of freelancers specialized startups and whatever your startup need.

Register for free and join our community of +300 freelancers and +200 entrepreneurs exchanging freelance work for equity.

More than 200+ entrepreneurs use Bountyhunter to get their ideas to market faster, paying with equity instead of their own capital.

Is capital tight?

Pay with what you have the most of... equity.

When starting out founders always have more equity than capital. Take advantage of that fact and start getting work done in exchange for equity. What's more important to you: own 100% of nothing, or own a percentage of something?

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Out here hunting?

A bounty collected today can be worth millions tomorrow.

Our bountyhunters are the ones who decide the bounty they want to pick up. They evaluate and choose the bounties with the most potential to make them a lot of money in the future.

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Looking for a bountyhunter?

Get s**t done with extraordinary talent

These are not your ordinary freelancers... They are entrepreneurs. They move fast, they break things, and they get s**t done. Contact us to let us know what bounty you want to post, and we'll take care of the rest. But keep in mind, bounties without equity need to be interesting for our bountyhunters.

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Uncomplicating everything for founders

From finding experts for your idea, to creating agreements to work in exchange for equity.

Identify your needs

Specify your needs, your terms and your idea. Find a freelancer specialized in what you need. Devs. Ops. DevOps? Whatever your startup needs, we have a freelancer specialized in it who charges equity instead of money.

Agree to terms

0.1%, 1% or 10%. Whatever you agree upon, we help formalize the terms between the parties.
Not incorporated yet? Don't worry. We have created various vehicles to make sure both you and the bountyhunter are protected.

Start shipping

Signed, sealed, and ready to be delivered to your future users. Shipping your first version is the most important. Our job is only to make the connection, you guys can take it from here.

Founders who use Bountyhunter seem to be happy

"We have a brilliant idea, but we were missing a developer to help us take our idea to market faster. Without money we didn't really know what to do. We were going to take forever, but then we discovered Bountyhunter. A real game changer for us and our idea."

David Q.

Co-founder, Stealth

"What can I say... Just what we needed to acually develop our idea. Now its up to us to make it work."

Austin B.

Co-founder, Stealth

Why pay with equity?

No money? No problem!

Many of us have great ideas that we want to try out. Often we need help to actually launch, and often, that help cost money. Why not pay with what you have the most of in the early days... Equity.

Extend your

Being more capital efficient could make or break your idea. Giving away some equity could be the answer to your problems and could give you more time to make it to product market fit.

Help that actually gives a s**t

With the posibility of owning a part of a unicorn, the freelancers on Bountyhunter actually care about what they are helping you with. They give that little extra for the posibility of their efforts being worth a lot in the future.

Freelancers who knows... and care

They aren't freelancers. They are entrepreneurs. They know what it's like to be in your shoes. They care about the work they are doing and they care about the outcome.

Ready to get the help that you need?

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